Transfer Factor LymPlus

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Transfer Factor LymPlus™ provides the physician with a targeted formula developed to support the body’s immune system.

As with all targeted transfer factors, it is recommended the health care professional confirm the patient's condition with the appropriate lab tests which are available at a number of commercial labs (i.e. ImmunoSciences, Beverly Hills, CA; IGENEX, Palo Alto, CA; Commonwealth Biotechnologies, Richmond, VA) prior to administering the targeted transfer factor.

The two basic concepts to understand about Transfer Factor are that, one, immune response can be transferred, and, two, a Transfer Factor recipient gets an immune benefit without receiving any antibodies. The Transfer Factor extracts contain no antibodies, only tiny, low molecular weight protein.

What kind of immunological information, then, is transferred? Transfer Factor has been likened to sending your cell-mediated immune system to college. The Transfer Factors can educate or modulate a recipient's immune system, teaching it to recognize these specific antigens and

communicating the knowledge that they are present. Transfer Factor does not cure specific condition s involving those antigens, but Transfer factors made with specific antigens seem more efficient at educating the immune system than non-specific immunomodulators. Transfer Factor may be procured from leukocytes and lymphocytes or from bovine colostrum.

Transfer factors may be beneficial for men, women, and children of all ages, but those most in need are persons with a compromised or under-active immune system. Transfer factor is also beneficial for prophylactic use if a person is concerned about contact with pathogens for which transfer factor is available.

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Used For Lyme Disease
Preparation Gel
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