ThyroCare 75 Vegi-Capsules

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Thyroid and body temperature support

ThyroCare 75 Vegi-Capsules

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ThyroCare is WTSmed's flagship supplement. Uniting science-backed botanical compounds that span traditional wellness practices across the globe, ThyroCare gently balances thyroid function while optimizing healthy body temperature. ThyroCare's adaptogens further support a normal stress response, and may help with occasional fatigue. ThyroCare's featured ingredients:

Bladderwrack Thallus: This seaweed species supplies pure, bioavailable iodine, which we use as a stepping stone in the formation of active thyroid hormones. Bladderwrack has been used to promote thyroid health in traditional wellness practices dating back thousands of years.

Blue Flag Root: This root of a striking blue-yellow iris flower has been used to support the thyroid gland for centuries in traditional wellness practices. Historically, blue flag has been claimed to promote body secretions and move stagnant fluids (lymph).

Ashwaganda Root: This Ayruvedic herb relieves stress and mental exhaustion; a legendary tonic for supporting mental clarity and physical stamina while promoting immune system function.

Guggul Myrrh: This flowering shrub, long-treasured in Indian Ayurvedic practices, produces a powerful adaptogen resin that promotes healthy thyroid function. Studies suggest it may help the thyroid to increase iodine metabolism, may support conversion of T4 to T3 in body tissues, and may help maintain cholesterol levels already in the normal range.

Diiodotyrosine (DIT): A molecular intermediary produced during normal thyroid function, DIT is naturally found in seaweed. Our formula includes tyrosine, which further enhances thyroid function.

Did you know?
Seaweed (like Bladderwrack and DIT in ThyroCare) has a long-celebrated role in supplying iodine and promoting thyroid health. In fact, people in Europe were traditionally advised to take seaweed baths and eat seaweed soups to support thyroid function.

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Used For Energy,/Fatigue
Body System Thyroid
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Brand WTSMED Professionals, Restorative Formulations