Vitamins and Minerals

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Scientific and medical studies suggest that the levels of vitamins and minerals that are required for optimum health and disease prevention are above the amounts that can be reliably supplied in even a good diet. Most of these vitamins and minerals can be provided at optimal levels for every day intake by quality nutritional products.

  1. 5-MTHF (60 capsules) 1 MG

    5-MTHF (60 capsules) 1 MG


    The most biologically active form of folic acid Learn More
  2. B-Complex #12 (60 capsules) B12 by Thorne

    B-Complex #12 (60 capsules) B12 by Thorne


    B-Complex #12 combines three forms of B12, including the two active, co-enzyme forms, with a complete B complex. Learn More