BIOImmune, Inc. is a research company with over 15 years of experience working directly with medical professionals to provide support products to patients with these medical conditions.

Their track record, clinical studies, and testimonials from Doctors and Patients alike provide individuals such as you with options for total health enhancement. Our philosophy is simple. The human body was created with the ability to heal itself from virtually any form of disease. However over the past five or six decades our environment, especially here in the USA, has become filled with toxins that invade our bodies and hinder the repair and natural healing processes. BIOImmune, Inc has developed patent pending formulas that are available to you, through your health care professional, that are designed to rid your body of the heavy metals which are toxic to the human condition.

The first step towards the improvement of your health is education. Learning all there is to know about your body and how diseases and ailments can and do attack your immune system. Knowing about your body's healing process is critical and working with a health care professional that understands these processes is just as important.

  1. Immune Option (500 g)

    Immune Option (500 g)


    A blend of specially selected nutraceuticals and nutrients designed to work synergistically to modulate and enhance immune system function, decrease oxidative damage, promote liver detoxification and to normalize cell division Learn More