BioImmersion Inc. Therapeutic Food Line is a revolutionary new paradigm in the practice of medicine. It is the culmination of 30 years of research and experience in the medical and healthcare arena. Food as medicine is an ancient concept, but food as medicine with 21st Century technology and advancing scientific discoveries is transforming the known therapeutic modalities of today.

The Therapeutic Food Line is a foundational platform to modern day medicine. Each formula provides powerful nutrients that help the body repair, regenerate and protect against the onslaught of environmental toxins, pollutions and increasingly virulent pathogens. The diversity of the Therapeutic Foods provides a magnitude of important scientifically researched medical applications.

Bringing plants, vegetables, berries and berry extracts into a vegetarian capsule without the use of any excipients, while maintaining 100% phyto-nutrient potency, requires the use of distinctive advanced technologies- from Real Time Sourcing to flash freezing on site; from proprietary pure water extraction to sublimation technology (freeze drying); from HPLC analysis to encapsulation in facilities that are GMP and HACCP compliant, Kosher and QAI certified and audited AIB International annually.

  1. Blueberry Extract (60 capsules)

    Blueberry Extract (60 capsules)


    comprehensive profile of anthocyanins Learn More
  2. Garlic, Organic Freeze Dried (90 caps) by BioImmersion
  3. High ORAC Probiotic Formula (60 capsules) BioImmersion

    High ORAC Probiotic Formula (60 capsules) BioImmersion


    highest phytonutrient potential and Microbiome Technology for pure cultures of pedigreed strains of standardized referenced material with Original molecular identity confirmed routinely by DNA sequencing. Learn More