Selectrolytes (16 oz)

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Selectrolytes (16 oz), Morin Lab Inc Selectrolytes is a concentrate of electrolytes.

Selectrolytes (16 oz)


Selectrolytes is a concentrate of electrolytes. This ionic solution may be used orally to replace or maintain fluids and minerals. Electrolytes are minerals dissolved or suspended in solution which create the electrical charge needed for the body to function. They help maintain stable blood pressure, circulation, regulate body temperature, transport nutrients, detoxify metabolic waste ( heavy metals, toxic chemicals, etc.) and lubricate joints. Fluid & electrolyte losses with excessive perspiration, respiration, urination, diarrhea or vomiting. Athletes, senior citizens, and all individuals are to electrolyte losses when they are exercising; ill; on medication; or exposed to the sun, heat, wind, and cold for prolonged periods.

Additional Information

Used For Acid Reflux, Metabolism and Energetic, Minerals, Nutrition
Body System Circulatory Health, Joint Capsules/Ligaments/Tendons, Kidneys, Nervous System, Salivary Glands, Urinary System
Preparation Liquid
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Brand Morin Lab Inc