Opti Cleanse Vanilla GHI sugar and stevia FREE

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Quick Overview

Supports Natural Detoxification Mechanisms* Supports Gastrointestinal Health* Supports a Balanced Cytokine Profile* Lactose-Free Vegan Protein Source* Sugar & Stevia Free Soy Free Gluten Free Dairy Free Lactose Free Casein Free Fructose Free


Opti Cleanse Vanilla GHI sugar and stevia FREE


100% Albion True Amino Acids Chelates (traacs) Natural high potency sweetener, extracted from the monk fruit ~ 160-200 times sweetness of sugar AKA: “Lo Han,” “Lo Han Guo” & others No distinctive bitter aftertaste associated with some natural sweeteners Contributes zero calories at typical use levels Stable in processing and storage. Organic flaxseed complex (5 g/serving) Patented quality selection and processing technology Delivers full nutritional value of flaxseed Excellent source of ALA omega-3 Source of lignan. Patented Potassium Hydrogen Glucarate Supports natural detoxification mechanisms which include glucuronidation* Found naturally in the body as well as in certain fruits and vegetables

Additional Information

Used For Children's Health, Chloride, Cholesterol, Cholesterol Support, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, CFS, Chronic Pain, Circulatory Health, Cleanse/Detox, Co Enzymes, Colds/Flu/Viral, Colic, Conjunctivitis, Constipation, Coronary Artery Disease (CAD), Crohn's Disease, Depression, Detoxification, Diabetes, Diabetic Neuropathy, Diarrhea, Diet/ Weight Loss, Digestion, Diuretic
Body System Adipose, Adrenal (Suprarenal) Glands, Bladder, Blood, Blood Vessels, Bone, Bowel, Brain, Breasts, Bronchi, Cardiovascular, Circulatory Health, Collagen, Coronary Arteries, Cranial Nerves, Digestive System, Ears, Endocrine System, Esophagus, Eyes, Fallopian Tubes, Gall Bladder, Hair, Heart, Hypothalamus, Immune System, Joint Capsules/Ligaments/Tendons, Kidneys, Large Intestine, Larynx, Liver, Lungs, Lymph Nodes, Lymphatic Organs, Lymphatic Vessels, Muscle
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Brand Xymogen