O2-Zap Ozonated Olive Oil Paste (1.7 oz)

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Can be used to re-oxygenate tissue topically for multiple skin conditions.

O2-Zap Ozonated Olive Oil Paste (1.7 oz)


What O2 Zap Does: O2 Zap Ozonated Olive Oil Paste can be used to reoxygenate tissue topically for multiple skin conditions. Great for facial application. Europeans are using this as their ultimate secret for oxygen facials. O2 Zap contains stabilized, ozonated, organic cold pressed olive oil from Italy plus valuable trace minerals.

What is Ozonated Olive Oil? Ozonated Olive Oil is produced by bubbling ozone through it continuously for an extended period of time. During this time, the olive oil changes into an off white paste. This procedure usually takes 3 to 6 months of 24 hour a day bubbling.

For What is Ozonated Olive Oil Used? Ozonated Olive Oil essentially provides oxygen to the skin.

What is the shelf life of Ozonated Olive Oil? No expiration date exists for Ozonated Olive Oil. Some reports suggest Ozonated Olive Oil can remain stable for up to 17 years. For long term storage, O2 Zap should be stored in your refrigerator or freezer. Dr. Hansler tested a sample of Ozonated Olive Oil after it had been refrigerated for 10 years and found it to be 98% as effective in its germicidal power as a fresh batch.

About Ozone: Ozone is an unstable, but highly beneficial molecule. It’s the tri atomic form of oxygen. Instead of the normal arrangement of 2 atoms of oxygen (O2), ozone is comprised of 3 atoms of oxygen (O3). Ozone, however, doesn’t stay in that tri atomic state very long and, unless held in check or bound by other molecular couplings, ozone will usually break down from O3 to O2 + O1 within 20 minutes or so (at atmospheric pressure at least). O1 is called a singlet oxygen atom and it’s highly reactive with nearly any substance that shouldn’t be in the human body. Oxygen is a universal cleansing agent. Ingredients O2 Zap is a super saturated ozone oxygenated formula containing 98.5% pure oxygen with 1.5% ozone in organic cold pressed virgin olive oil.

Usage Used externally for oxygenating tissue. Apply 2 to 3 times daily as needed by rubbing into the affected areas. Alternate usage every other day. Frequently Asked Questions

About O2 Zap: What is the difference between ozonated olive oil liquid and ozonated olive oil paste (O2 ZAP)? The clear difference between the liquid oil and solid paste is the amount of saturated oxygen and ozone. To create the paste version the process is much more extensive and the amount of oxygen and ozone saturation level is exponentially greater than any liquid oil product available. As an example, the ratio of O2/O3 in liquid ozonated olive oil formulas can only contain up to a percentage of roughly 10%, whereas ozonated olive oil paste contains up to 50% saturated oxygen/ozone by volume.

Does the liquid ozonated olive oil contain Ozone or Oxygen? Mostly oxygen and maybe a small amount of ozone, but the % is quite a bit less and does not have the long time release which ozonated olive oil paste does which can last up to 12 hours or more when applied to the skin.

Why is using Organic Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil better than using other forms of Olive Oil? It is the highest quality organic olive oil available It is 100% ORGANIC It is better for the body as this oil is one of the most bio available to the body The product has no secondary additives stabilizers, preservatives, colorants, or chemicals of any type The oil is not cut with lower quality oils like canola, soy, cotton seed, etc... The oil works the best for ozonating and prevents the oxidation of harmful compounds which may be present in other non organic olive oils

Why is 02 Zap better than all of the other ozonated olive oil formulas on the market? Years of development and thousands of hours of research have gone into the O2 Zap product It has stood the test of time and has remained one of the most advanced and proven ozonated olive oil products on the market The product is so stable that it will last indefinitely if kept refrigerated. When applied to the skin it immediately activates with the body temperature releasing the oxygen to the skin The release process can last for 12 hours or more!!!

The ozonated olive oil paste is safe and is non toxic to children and animals Why does O2 Zap only contain 1.5% ozone since it's made with pure ozone? Ozone is an unstable molecule and is virtually impossible to stabilize. It is a breakthrough that we have been able to achieve a stable 1.5% ozone in O2 ZAP. The O2/O3 saturation level is 500% or more during the bonding process. The system we use has been developed to produce the best bonding action of O2/O3 to olive oil WITHOUT destroying the beneficial organic qualities of the olive oil. The O2 Zap paste is the highest possible saturation of ozone/oxygen ever developed.

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