With a focus on holistic dentistry, our product lines offer natural detoxification and oral care health treatments.

  1. Tooth & Gum Paste (4 oz)

    Tooth & Gum Paste (4 oz)


    A unique preparation that is specifically formulated to help maintain healthy teeth and gums, and freshen breath for hours Learn More
  2. Tooth & Gum Tonic (18 fl oz)

    Tooth & Gum Tonic (18 fl oz)


    A valuable oral tooth & gum tonic rinse that contains herbs and essential oils which have been used for centuries to maintain healthy tissue. Learn More
  3. UNDER GUM IRRIGANT (4.1 oz)



    Designed specifically for the WaterPik to help maintain cleanliness in hard to reach areas of the mouth as part of the complete Dental Herb Company system Learn More