Cistus Tea

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Quick Overview

specifically handpicked and naturally harvested from the buds, flowers, leaves and stems that are picked off wild flowering Cistus plants, growing in their native Mediterranean soil and climate

Cistus Tea


Health Functions

·         Immune Support*

·         Supports Antioxidant Processes*

·         Skin Health Support*

·         Gastrointestinal Support*

·         Helps with Exercise Recovery*

·         Throat and Mouth Hygiene*

·         Urinary Tract Health*

·         Supports Cardiovascular Health*

Suggested Use

·         Scoop one gram or approximately one teaspoon into a cup of boiling water.  Leave for up to 10 minutes before filtering through a sieve to enjoy and drink.  The strained tea can be re-steeped for up to two, even three further servings.


·         Proprietary blend of Cistus albidus (aerial parts) and Cistus incanus (aerial parts)

One of the big hits at our retreat with Dr Klinghardt in the summer 0f 2010 was Cistus Tea, a pleasant tasting loose tea with a mild, berry-like flavor. In Germany, dogs who were given a daily dose got 1/100th the tick bites of dogs who weren’t. Since I live in one of the worst areas in the world for ticks and Lyme, and spend about an hour a day walking with my little pal Lucy in the woods, I was very eager to test it out on us both. What I find is that the ticks don’t seem to like us any more, and yay for that!

If using it consistently,  I no longer find ticks on either of us, and many of my clients have had the same experience.  And that’s a pretty dramatic statement. After all, we tromp in the woods four times a day, and Lucy has her nose and paws in all sorts of leaves and brush where ticks love to hang out.

There is some preliminary research that stevia may be beneficial to healing Lyme, so  that’s what I recommend you use to sweeten, although look for a stevia like the one I carry in my office, that is whole leaf, and doesn’t have additives and fillers. I drink a couple of cups a day and thoroughly enjoy it. It works well as iced tea, so you can make a quantity and store in the fridge cold. I like to mix it with fruity teas such as hibiscus. For Lucy, who is ten pounds, I mash about a tablespoon of my brewed cistus tea, with a little raw honey, into her food each time I feed her, or in her water bowl, and she is happy to lap it up.

While Cistus Tea is making its reputation in the area of Lyme Disease, that is not the only reason to drink it.  Did you know that Cistus Tea is also a very powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and detoxifier? Recent studies show it helps eliminate toxic heavy metals from cigarette smoke, dental fillings, and environmental pollution.  It can also help eliminate candida and H. pylori. Pat a concentrated tea on your skin to improve dermatitis, or just improve your complexion.  It is also anti-viral, immune supportive and cardiovascular supportive.

Directions: Use 1 teaspoon of loose tea per cup of boiling water, let it steep about 10 minutes, and strain. Important: Re-use the same tea 3 times in order to extract all the different phytonutrients.

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