BravoUSA Probiotic Yogurt Easy Kit, 13 liters

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Quick Overview

Includes enough for 13 liters of probiotic yogurt in 1 liter packs

BravoUSA Probiotic Yogurt Easy Kit, 13 liters


Includes enough for 13 liters of probiotic Yogurt in 1 liter packs

When preparing one batch of  BravoUsa™ Yogurt, you will be producing 1 liter of finished product, which is the equivalent of one week of product for you to consume.

The actual expiration of the yogurt is 2 weeks after preparation refrigerated.

Important: Store the Yogurt Starter Kit in the refrigerator, in it's original packaging, inside a zip

lock bag, to protect it from humidity until ready to use.


Kit contains:

Large Silver Bag

Bovine colostrum (contains milk), active cultures which incude; strains of lactobacillus, and broad spectrum dietary supplements.  

Small Silver Bag

Active cultures including strains of lactobacillus and yeast.

Items you will need

•  1 Liter of whole, organic, pasteurized,

    homogenized or raw milk.

    Avoid using Ultra-pasteurized (UHT) milk because the high temperatures used to sterilize it completely break down the milk proteins.

   Avoid milk with added preservatives, hormones, or other chemical substances.


In some countries, milk is regularly supplemented with Vitamin A (6% DV),

Vitamin D (25% DV) and Calcium (30% DV).

This is acceptable to prepare Bravo with.

Do not use EXTRA ADDED Vitamin A and D milk.

Do Not Use Rice, Soy, Almond or Lactose-Free, 2% or Fat Free Milk.

Goat's milk may be used if the same guidelines are followed.  

Keep in mind that by changing the type of milk and it's source, you will be changing the thickness of the final product. 

Additional items needed:

•  1 Liter pot for boiling milk

•  Large glass bowl

•  Medium mesh stainless steel strainer

•  Plastic, silicon or steel long-handled

    cooking spoon (not wood)

• 1 steel tablespoon or wisk

•  Paper towels

•  Aluminum foil


Keep all utensils and materials separate from other household items (i.e.: place in a clean plastic container which seals).

Use these utensils exclusively for the preparation of Bravo yogurt.

They may be washed in dishwasher.


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