This easy salve combines traditional ingredients with silicones for the ultimate in skin care. Both the wax and silicones provide a barrier against transdermal water loss. The silicone also helps reduce the greasiness

of the salve by helping it soak in more quickly.

10 g carnauba wax

20 g Olive butter

32 g Shea oil

3 g Dimethicone (Silicone Oil, skip if your pron to acne).

20 drops Roman Chamomile

40 drops lavender absolute

20 drops seabuckthorn

Combine the first 4 ingredients and melt. Add the fragrance to the melted mixture. Test your salve by allowing drops to cool on a plate. Adjust the hardness using wax or oil depending upon whether you want it harder or softer.

Ensure that the melt is between 170 and 185 F before pouring to prevent graininess. Pour into wide mouth containers. This recipe is not suitable for stick packaging, but it can be modified to produce stick products. The amount of shea oil will need to be reduced for stick applications. You will need to determine the exact amount for your product by experimentation.

Cool quickly to prevent crystal formation.


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