Bath and Massage Oil Recipes

Looking over some old bath and massage oil recipes in the box we selected a few that cover the range of oils, herbs and essential oils.

Blooming Bath Oil

This simple recipe uses polysorbate 20, to create a well dispersed bath oil.

Leaves skin with a clean, nourished feeling.

Sweet Almond oil 45 g

Apricot Kernal oil 20 g

Macadamia Nut oil 15 g

Sunflower Oil 5 g

Coconut oil  15 g

Rosemary oleoresin 0.1 g

Essential oils or fragrance to taste

Mix the ingredients and bottle. If you use corks be sure to drive them all the way into the bottle and wax them in place to avoid leakage during shipping.


Thai Ginger Warming Massage Oil


Blend fixed oils in a stainless bowl. Blend essential oils and add to fixed oils. Stir and bottle in “squeeze” type bottles.


4 parts grape seed oil

1 part avocado oil

½ part sunflower oil

1 part jojoba oil

Essential oils

sandalwood essential oil – 10 drops

ylang ylang essential oil – 5 drops

lemongrass essential oil – 3 drops

Ginger essential oil – 7 drops

Vetiver essential oil – 2 drops

Black pepper essential oil – 1 drop


Gentle Green Body Oil

An excellent massage oil, packed with nutrients and extremely stable.

Avocado Oil – 7 ounces

Fractionated coconut oil – 6 ounces

sunflower Oil – 3 ounces

Jojoba Oil – 3 ounces

30 drops peppermint essential oil (optional)

30 drops lavender essential oil (optional)

Combine everything in a glass or PET plastic bottle. Cap and shake.

Lavender Moon Bath & Massage Oil


Prepare infused oil blend and add essential oils. Stir

and bottle in “squeeze” type bottles.


3 parts grape seed oil

2 parts sunflower oil

1 part macadamia nut oil

rosemary oil extract, optional, .5% of batch weight


(infuse in combination of sunflower and macadamia nut oils. Add grape seed oil to cooled, strained infused oil.)

Lavender buds Calendula petals

Rose petals

Essential oils

This blend should be used a 3% or less of your total batch weight.

Bulgarian lavender essential oil – 5 parts

Ylang ylang essential oil – 4 parts

Bergamot essential oil – 1 parts

Blue Chamomile essential oil – 2 parts

Incredible Edible Massage Oil

This massage oil recipe is sweetened with all natural vegetable glycerin. Do not use if you are diabetic.

16 oz. food grade vegetable or nut oil of your choice. (We tend to stick to the lighter oils, such as sweet almond, sunflower or jojoba.*)

vegetable glycerin, qs (sample it by applying a small amount to your hand). The glycerin will also add a “heating” effect, when rubbed into the skin.

flavor oil, qs (sample it by applying a small amount to your hand).

Combine everything in a glass or PET plastic bottle. Cap and shake.



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