Arnica Montana 6X /Hyland's (250 Tablets)

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Arnica Montana 6X Homeopathic Remedy, Arrowroot

Arnica Montana 6X /Hyland's (250 Tablets)


USES: Arnica flowers have been used for reducing the swelling and pain of bruises, sprains, muscle or joint problems, swelling of the veins under the skin (superficial phlebitis), and for insect bites. It has also been used as a mouthwash for swollen gums and mouth ulcers. Some herbal/diet supplement products have been found to contain possibly harmful impurities/additives (250 Tablets)

Used by physicians and patients to reduce swelling and bruising after surgery.

A Homeopathic product made from Arnica montana (also known as leopard's bane, wolf's bane, mountain tobacco and mountain arnica)

Additional Information

Used For Bruising / Contusions, Pain Relief, Mild, Trauma
Body System Muscle
Preparation Tablet
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Brand Hyland's Homeopathic