ALAmax CR (60 tablets)

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Quick Overview

Xymogen Blood Sugar and Long-lasting Antioxidant Support

ALAmax CR (60 tablets)


ALAmax CR Blood Sugar and Long lasting Antioxidant Support

• Neutralizes Oxygen Radicals, Ionized Metals and a Variety of Other Free Radicals

• Coenzyme for Whole Body Glucose Utilization

• Increases Intracellular Glutathione Levels Reduced by Aging, Diseases, Moderate/Strenuous Exercise

• Reduces Oxidative Stress that Leads to Diabetic Neuropathy, etc.

• Regenerates Vitamins C&E and Maintains Balance between Oxidized & Reduced CoQ10

ALAmax CR, a potent oxidative stress antagonist, is a proprietary, orally active, controlled release formulation of racemic a lipoic acid (containing both R and S enantiomers) that has a pharmacokinetic advantage over other alpha lipoic acid formulas. Other brands are cleared from the plasma within two three hours; whereas, ALAmax CR remains in the plasma for four to six hours.

Additional Information

Used For Antioxidant, Blood Glucose, Diabetic Neuropathy, Glycolysis (Sugar Metabolism)
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SKU 99175-92
Brand Xymogen